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OTHER ALIASES: Mint Condition, Great Starter Piano, Just Like New, Antique, Good Investment, Sounds Great, Etc.


This used piano (popularly known as "Basket Case") is wanted in connection with a number of cases of blatant consumer fraud.  A master of disguise, this "Basket Case" and others like it lure unwitting piano buyers with their good looks only to reveal that they are useless as pianos. 

What makes a Basket Case more difficult to detect is ignorance on the part of the seller. The innocent owners might ask, say, $1200 for it in a newspaper ad, and some bargain-hunters will bite, thinking it's better than the $900 piano they just saw in a different home. The sellers, not being piano technicians, can have no idea that the piano is literally falling apart internally!

In a more deplorable situation, the dealer or owner knows full well of the piano's problems, but they also know that "looks sell!" All they do is say "isn't it beautiful?" ...until they deposit your check! Suddenly you're stuck with a very pretty piano that might not be playable or able stay in tune for more than a few days. That's hardly the kind of instrument that a child OR an adult should learn to play on...

Countless piano buyers everywhere have been duped by "Basket Case" and its ring of nice-looking, and sometimes even good-sounding (while they're for sale, anyway) pianos! Click on the thumbnails for pictures and descriptions of what lurks beneath the mask of this used piano's dangerously attractive exterior. 

: due to the sinister nature of the deception, parental discretion is advised!

Click on the pictures below for close-up's and descriptions!


chicago pianos . com -  Soundboard Crack 2 thumb.JPG (4235 bytes)
Cracked Soundboard!

chicago pianos . com - Driven Pins thumb.JPG (5576 bytes)
Driven Pins!

chicago pianos . com - bridgecrackthumb.JPG (7093 bytes)
Bridge Crack!


chicago pianos . com - Grooves, strings misaligned thumb.JPG (5574 bytes)
Grooves and Strings Misaligned!

chicago pianos . com - actionshrapnelthumb.JPG (4482 bytes)
Action Shrapnel!

vCracked Pin Block thumb.JPG (4680 bytes)
Cracked Pin Block!


This used piano and others like it should be considered extremely dangerous to buyers worldwide.
If you feel that you have been unduly tempted by a Basket Case piano and are in the Chicagoland area, please feel free to contact us for an appraisal, or for more advice on how to look for a used piano!




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