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Used Vertical Pianos from Chicago Pianos . com

Please call 630.584.5000 for current, best pricing and availability in your area.

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Top-rated pianos in 24 styles and finishes!

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the Czech Republic

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Handcrafted Estonia Grand Pianos

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Used Steinway Pianos from Chicago Pianos . com

Used Steinway B Grand Piano in ChicagoCordogan's not only restores and sells used Steinway pianos, but we have also established a great networking service that can locate a particular Steinway in the event we don't have exactly what you're looking for. Please feel free to call Rick @ 630-584-5000 to discuss what is currently available.



Used Steinway Grand Piano in ChicagoThe prices in the Midwest for properly restored Steinways substantially lag behind the east coast, making long distance purchasing from other regions a viable option. Customers regularly fly in to see our inventory (we provide transportation from and to Chicago's airports) so if you are searching for a high quality used Steinway, we make it even easier to visit Illinois' largest piano store.  And we deliver worldwide!


Used Steinway Grand Piano in ChicagoWe usually have many in stock, ranging in size, finish and style, including traditional, period and art-case designs. Our five year parts & labor warranty is honored anywhere in the world.





Used Steinway Grand Piano ijn ChicagoOur inventory changes on a weekly basis. Please call us for more information. More pictures are available upon request.



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