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Elton John "LIVE" at Cordogan's Pianoland?

Elton John - Live at Cordogans

The one and only Sir Elton John is soon going to be "playing" a piano at Cordogan's Pianoland in Geneva, IL!

Yamaha is re-broadcasting their 125th anniversary concert by Elton John in which he performed a 35-minute set that was broadcast into the homes and onto the pianos of Yamaha Disklavier owners around the world.

Thanks to Yamaha’s technology, Disklavier piano owners across the world witnessed history being made as Elton John’s concert was streamed into their homes and into their pianos.  These piano owners got to enjoy front row seats next to Elton John playing their own piano live, while their TV and sound system provided the video and audio from Sir Elton and his 60-piece orchestra.

Cordogan's will be offering this same experience in their store on March 15th at 2pm,March 16th at 2pmMarch 21st at 7pm and March 29th at 3pm. These intimate free concerts will give you the chance to be within feet of a grand piano that is hauntingly and accurately reproducing Elton John's every key stroke "live" while you watch the streamed concert.

"The sound you hear and the experience you feel is exactly as if Elton John was in the room playing our grand piano live" says Cordogan's co-owner John Cordogan. "It is so surreal and amazing -- almost indescribable."

Now, in conjunction with the debut of Elton John's “The Million Dollar Piano” concert film (a two-night event showing this March 18th and 26th in 700 movie theaters across the country), Cordogan's is also showing an exclusive 20-minute “making-of” DVD featuring interviews with Elton and a behind-the-scenes look at his hugely-successful “The Million Dollar Piano” show which debuted at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas in 2011. Cordogan's is also giving away a limited number of tickets to see the movie at the theater.

The event is free. If you are interested, please RSVP for one or more of the following dates at 630-584-5000 or

-Saturday, 3/15 at 2pm

Sunday, 3/16 at 2pm

Friday, 3/21 at 7pm

Saturday, 3/29 at 3pm

For more information regarding “The Million Dollar Piano” concert film showing in theaters nationwide on 3/18 and 3/26 and where to see it, click Find A Theater. And check out the Trailer!


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