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This "instrument" is a benchmark for everything a bad used piano stands for.  There is actually an underground conspiracy of these instruments that exist only to wreak musical and aesthetic HAVOC!

Basket Cases like this prey upon victims with attractive prices like "free for the hauling", "$400 or best offer", "from $599 on up" or worse yet they better disguise themselves by being offered at price ranges that are most realistic for starter pianos, like $1500 - $2500.  In any case, they're worth the same, which is to say "less than nothing", since moving it incurs an expense greater than its value.

They're tough to spot.  They hide in homes and showrooms, posing as working pianos.  Forget that this one isn't the color or style you might have found attractive.  They come in all shapes, sizes, colors and ages.

This one happened to be easy to spot because it was tattooed with tell-tale signs.  Others can be much more elusive, offering little visible evidence to our detectives.

Be assured, serial number #141213 has been fingered by our lab technicicans as a piano imposter.  It has been properly tagged and incarcerated by our Geneva penitentiary.  It will never again have the chance to lurk in homes or showrooms.