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Hallet Davis Grand PianoCordogan's is Chicagoland's authorized dealer for the Hallet Davis pianos – a historic brand name offering the most complete product line at prices that are amazingly affordable. The “Hallet, Davis & Co.” name began all the way back in 1843 in Boston – more than a decade before Steinway built its first piano. Hallet Davis pianos were popular on the east coast for more than a century before eventually becoming mired in a tangled web of subsequent ownerships and eventual, relative obscurity in the Midwest.

Hallet Davis Grand Piano 2Hallet & Davis pianos currently bear little resemblance to its predecessors, as manufacturing facilities are now in China, but given the terrific values these pianos represent, there simply is no equal in the piano industry today. If you are searching for an top-rated, affordable baby grand and wish to have a wide selection of styles & finishes, no one offers a greater selection than Hallet & Davis. The popular Hallet Davis piano models that we carry are rated the best in their class, making the decision to choose a Hallet an easy one.

Unlike more expensive brands where wood tone finishes and decorative cabinet styles are upgrades which cost several thousand dollars, such upgrades on Hallet Davis pianos come at only a small surcharge. The most popular Hallet Davis model we sell is the polished ebony baby grand with a factory installed player system. There is no unsightly control box attached to the piano. Just use your phone or tablet from anywhere in your home (or even beyond for what it's worth) to control your piano.


Hallet Davis - Cherry Console Piano

Hallet also offers terrific values in vertical pianos -- from streamline continental models to Queen Anne or French Provincial cherry consoles. All Hallet Davis pianos come with a 10 year parts & labor factory warranty along with Cordogan's 5 year full trade up policy. Visit a Cordogan's showroom today see the top rated Hallet Davis pianos!



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