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PNOmation II

QRS PNOmation II from Chicago PianosThis is the newest player piano system from the oldest manufacturer of player pianos in the world. QRS began in 1900, at the technological forefront at the time for paper roll-driven player pianos. Today, they are still a vanguard in player piano technology. The QRS PNOmation II system is a retrofittable, digitally-driven player piano system that is controlled wirelessly from ANY wifi device. Laptop, iPad, Android, Blackberry, desktop computer, you name it! The piano creates its own network, so even if your home internet is down, the piano's network still works! From your wireless device, you simply connect to the piano's wifi network, open a browser, and you're ready to enjoy thousands and thousands of songs and even create playlists from the fully-functional QRS menu. QRS PNOmation II includes a USB port hidden underneath the keybed to easily play other MIDI files, but there is no visible control box. The system is invisible -- neatly mounted underneath the piano.

QRS PNOscan from Chicago PianosPNOScan is a QRS-designed recording system that can be retrofitted to any piano or work in conjunction with a PNOmation II player system. Key movement is scanned by the system continuously, recording both upward and downward movements to deliver the most accurate reading possible. The system is non-invasive and does not alter the touch or feel of the keys.


Qysnc in action in the Power Center at Cordogan's Pianoland!

QRS Qsync adds video playback synced with the player piano performance. Off-the-shelf DVDs from artists like Norah Jones, Billy Joel, and Diana Krall can be enjoyed on your TV accompanied by a live piano performance in your living room! QRS currently offers dozens of titles and is always adding more.

Legacy Systems

Older QRS systems including the Petine, Ancho, CD2000, 2000C, 2000CD+ models are also available in limited quantity. Many used player pianos with older systems can be upgraded to the new PNOmation II system for considerably less than the cost of a new system. 

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