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The Cordogans are proud to send representatives to participate in the Signing Ceremony of the Retailer Code of Ethics, sponsored by the Piano Manufacturer's Association International.  The Ceremony will take place in Los Angeles, CA at the January 2002 NAMM (Nat'l Association of Music Merchants) trade show:


(Dallas, TX) - The Piano Manufacturers Association International (PMAI) plans to announce the creation of a Piano Retailer Code of Ethics at the NAMM Winter Market in January 2002. The voluntary Retailer Code of Ethics is designed to provide a standard of operation and professional conduct for piano retailers that will help to ensure a higher level of confidence and a more positive shopping experience among piano customers during the piano purchase process.

Piano retailers will be invited to register for the program with PMAI. Registration indicates a commitment to the program and a willingness to operate within the professional standards expressed in the Code. Retailers who register will receive an attractive printed copy of the Code that can be signed, framed and prominently displayed in the store. In addition, retailers will receive a matching counter card that outlines the benefits of the Code to the customer.

"These Retailer Code of Ethics display materials offer a wonderful opportunity for sales personnel to clearly point out - with every customer - their store's commitment to professional conduct and character in all its business dealings," stated PMAI President Brian Chung. "The customer will know from the counter card that any store displaying an official copy of the Code is committed to presenting their products professionally, accurately and honestly at all times. We hope that this assurance will help to make piano buying a pleasure for the customer."

The new Retailer Code of Ethics will be announced on Sunday morning, January 20, 2002, during the annual PMAI Session at Winter NAMM. The session will be held in the Malibu Room at the Anaheim Hilton Hotel beginning at 8:30 a.m. A representative group of piano retailers, who have already indicated their commitment to the Code by registering with PMAI, will be invited to participate in a Signing Ceremony during the session. Shortly after the NAMM show, PMAI member companies will send a formal invitation to all their dealers to endorse the Code.

PMAI member companies will also participate in the Sunday morning Signing Ceremony by reaffirming their commitment to the PMAI Code of Ethics established in 1996. Mr. Chung noted, "We have found our own PMAI Code of Ethics to be extremely beneficial over the years in establishing a foundation of professionalism and trust among the members that has clearly helped in the timely resolution of issues as they've arisen. I believe that the piano industry as a whole has truly benefited from the PMAI Code of Ethics."

The Piano Manufacturers Association International (PMAI), established in 1881 as the National Association of Piano Manufacturers of America, is the trade association serving the piano manufacturers. PMAI gathers statistical data for the industry, implements a variety of programs designed to strengthen and expand the piano industry, and provides support to the National Piano Foundation. For more information, write Don Dillon, Executive Director, Piano Manufacturers Association International, 13140 Coit Road, Suite 320, Dallas, TX 75240-5737.


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