Teacher Testimonials

Musical NotesThe following testimonial letters have not been edited other than the removal of their (last) names and addresses:
Teacher Testimonial #1


August 15, 1999

Dear John,

I am writing to let you know how delighted I am with my new digital piano ensemble. The sounds are wonderful and realistic, and the keyboard feels comfortable to touch and is very responsive. Everything about the instrument is intelligent and logical. All the buttons are in the right place for easy access, and the various screens are logical and easy to access, even for someone with limited computer experience.

The instruction manual is very clearly written and easy to follow. Each day I am surprised and pleased by something new that I learn from it.

As a piano and organ teacher and parent, I would definitely recommend this instrument to anyone who wants the joy of making music in his or her own home. I would highly recommend it to families with young children who will be taking piano lessons for the first time. It would be easy to motivate children to practice an instrument that sounds so wonderful.

We had our neighbors over, and the wife remarked at what a social instrument it was. We five adults stood around the piano singing while the five-year-old boy tried to play one of the onboard songs in correct rhythm. It was a lot of fun. Everyone wanted to try it. We had a wonderful evening.

I am looking forward to years of enjoyment for myself, my famiy, and students. Congratulations go to your manufacturer for creating such a wonderful instrument.

Thank you, John, for allowing me to spend so much time in the store trying the instrument out. You allowed the instrument to sell itself. You were a good salesman by not bombarding me with all the features at once but by introducing them gradually. I also appreciated Jim Cooper's demonstration the first time I saw the instrument.

You have my permission to use any or all of my comments in advertising if you wish. If you should do so, please identify me by name and state only.

Sincerely yours,

Jean Bxxxxxxxxxxx
Grayslake, IL

Teacher Testimonial #2


February 21,1999

Cordogan's Pianoland
33W441 Rt. 38
P.O. Box 514
Geneva, IL 60134

Attention: Mr. Jerry Mammel

Dear Mr. Mammel,

Thank you for the opportunity to use your digital piano with some of my students. Everyone was impressed with the excellent quality of the sampled sounds that are built-in. They enjoyed the option of choosing the instrument to fit the piece being played. The quality of the organ sound is truly superior. It could be used in a church. Several students liked the touch as well,

I found it particularly helpful to use the recording feature with my piano students and the transposing feature with my vocal students. Vocal students also enjoyed the opportunity to record vocal exercises in their specific voice ranges by using cables to connect a tape or CD recorder directly to the instrument. This feature eliminated the extraneous sounds, such as lawn mowers or airplanes, that are sometimes an unavoidable part of a cassette recording made from a stand alone recorder which sits on top of the piano.

Everyone also enjoyed the demonstration and playback features which are built-in. Some of the students (and parents) amazed onlookers with their new-found skill as: they "played" the wide variety of music that is part of the programming included.

I recently had the chance to compare your digital with another new, full sized MIDI keyboard that a friend recently purchased. The sound of your digital is unsurpassed here! With the built-in midi interface and a variety of beautiful on-board sounds, your digital was a real winner. The addition of the optional sound module makes the versatility of this keyboard hard to beat.

Several students asked about the price of the piano. Mrs. Rogers seemed especially interested. Since I am unaware of the price, I suggested that they contact you. I know that you could provide them with thorough, accurate information and excellent service.

As promised, I am including a list of students that you might find helpful. Thank you again for the opportunity to try your digital. I know it will be a fine addition to any home or studio.


Carol Ann Ixxxxxxxxx

Teacher Testimonial #3


Date: January 7, 1999

To: Jerry Mammel, Cordogan.'s Pianoland, Geneva, IL
From: S. Hope Gxxxxxxxxx

During the last two months, I have been using a demo digital piano in my private studio and home for evaluation purposes.

My younger students particularly enjoyed the "electronic" idea And liked to experiment with the different sounds. The very serious students were interested in the recording and computer capabilities, but preferred a "real" piano, in their words, for performance. My 10-year-old son's practicing time has increased multi-fold because of experimenting with the various presets. The onboard songs have been exciting for my 6-year-old daughter. She feels she has an extensive repertoire at a very early level!

This digital has been an exciting instrument. The metronome has been extremely useful in technique and ensemble playing. The recording capability is great for duet practices and "hands alone." My students are particularly impressed with the touch sensitivity. They seem to think is it even more sensitive than the acoustic piano; they listen more carefully to the response of the attack. One advanced student felt bigger sound was made with more cast. She exclaimed, "It's screaming at me!" as she played Grieg's "Wedding Day."

Personally, this digital meets my need for an additional piano, a full-size electronic keyboard with quality sound and current technology capabilities through which my students can learn and family can enjoy.


S. Hope GxxxxxxxMusical Note

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